Not going to be able to make it to the 2017 - National 7th Annual Marriage Retreat but you see and hear our good work to strengthen couples across the Nation? Then please help us sponsor the Retreat with a donation.

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Who we are:

Pictoral History of the Marriage Retreats:.

The Marriage Retreat was established in 2010 by Sister Debra 2X. (Washington). Since the inception of the Retreats, Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia have passionately served as the lead facilitators and presenters. Our purpose is to give couples additional skills that are completely necessary to ensure successful marriage in 2017 and beyond. Addtionally, they host weekly dynamic webinars on the Internet that focus on Marriage, Single Issues and Parenting. 

Marriage Retreat #3 - Cruise to Jamaica

Marriage Retreat #1 - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Who is the
​2017 - 7th Annual
National Marriage Retreat for:

1) All Newlywed Male / Female Husband and Wife
2) All Couples who have been married for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years!
3) Couples who have been blessed to sustain a healthy marriage 
4) Couples who have some marital challenges 
5) Couples who feel they need some shoring up

6) Couples who want to share knowledge with other couples

Testimonials from our Previous Marriage Retreats

Marriage Retreat 4 - Return to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Marriage Retreat # 2 - Cruise to the Carribean


Marriage Retreat #5 - Los Angeles, California

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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - September 2010

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By the grace of Almighty God we have returned safely back into Atlanta, Georgia from the truly wonderful 2012 3rd Annual...

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Cruise to the Bahamas

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And give good news to the believers! By the grace of Almighty God, Cecelia and I are safely back in Atlanta, Georgia!...

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